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YCP Solidiance is one of the leaders in strategy consulting for the Asian markets. Our services allow large companies to improve their knowledge of Asian markets and achieve profitable growth.

We base our research on facts and information proven and verified in order to provide a quality service, in phase with the reality of our markets of expertise. Our team is made up of experienced consultants and, for the most part, native to the target market. At YCP Solidiance, our consultants are trained to analyze, interpret and formulate strategies based on concrete information, collected from customers, suppliers and market intermediaries.

We have repeatedly been able to meet the expectations of customers such as BASF, Kawasaki, Microsoft, Essilor, DuPont, Phillips, Toyota, Boston Scientific, Nokia and Baxter.

Our regional headquarters in Asia-Pacific are located in Singapore, along with seven regional offices in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma and Malaysia.

Mission & Values

  • Passion: We ‘re eager to solve clients’ complex issues and help them to expand the business in Asia. We are committed to deliver the best quality and drive clients’ success.
  • Innovation: We have placed the standard higher for ourselves. Innovation is our driving force behind the efforts of our business and engagements with clients.
  • Focus: Our team values quality work and a dedicated client-focused strategy. Clients’ satisfaction is our only road to success.
  • Excellence: We ‘re confident of our works and aim to live up to our reputation by supporting French businesses to build value in Asia.
  • Integrity: We build strong client confidence by being ethically accountable in our works, partnerships, and ecosystems.
  • Positive: We aspire for a healthy, friendly, and enjoyable atmosphere. We promote diversity of views and viewpoints on the team.
  • Humble: We understand that every path is filled with unique challenges, so we don’t necessarily have all the answers.
  • Savvy: We ‘re passionate with our operations. We believe in bringing more work into achieving more stuff for fewer.
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YCP Solidiance’s vast network and enormous experience in India, benefited us in identifying some of the competent Institutes, which were not on our radar before. Being a huge country, it is not easy to locate such Institutes that may not be popular or generally well known but that may have specific competencies useful for our applications. YCP Solidiance truly served as a partner to link us with new academia in India, which has great potential for collaboration. I personally appreciate the dedication and professionalism of Solidiance’s entire team, & particularly would like to thank Heiko for his excellent project management & valuable inputs. Thank you for the cooperation and we hope to continue the partnership we have built up so far.

Essilor Asia
Asia Partnerships Manager, ITC Asia

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