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Automotive and Mobility

Automotive accounts the largest export of Europe and the region is the world’s leading producer of motor vehicles. The industry is also attracting the largest region’s FDI in R&D.

As for the Middle East and Africa markets, they bring broad potential for growth in both sales and production. Almost 2 million commercial and passenger vehicles were sold in the region. The region is also aiming to become a production hub especially for luxury sports vehicles in the near future. Investing in the establishment and promotion of automotive manufacturing, new technologies and R&D become priority towards diversifying the region’s economy and connect further with the global economy.

We provide automotive advisory services for Japanese companies to expand their businesses in the EMEA’s dynamic dynamic automotive and mobility market across various segments, including automotive digitization, smart and electric vehicles, commercial and passenger vehicles, lubricants, automotive aftermarket and servicing, and more. Our experienced team is committed to help Japanese automotive players to penetrate win over the region’s market.

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EMEA Market Intelligence

We provide practical insights to help your businesses keep track of market competition and anticipate the changes in market demands.

EMEA Market Entry

We assess the options to lessen financial uncertainty for our clients by providing mapping of customers, partners, competitors, suppliers, channels and other relevant market data.

EMEA Competitive Intelligence

Our team will provide thorough analysis on EMEA market competition and gain insights from best practices to escape from costly omissions. We promise to give clients strategic advantage by discovering blind spots and unaddressed opportunities.

EMEA Customer Intelligence

Our team of consultants will analyze buyers’ persona to identify customers; buying trends, demographics and behavior for the development of new products.

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YCP Solidiance’s vast network and enormous experience in India, benefited us in identifying some of the competent Institutes, which were not on our radar before. Being a huge country, it is not easy to locate such Institutes that may not be popular or generally well known but that may have specific competencies useful for our applications. YCP Solidiance truly served as a partner to link us with new academia in India, which has great potential for collaboration. I personally appreciate the dedication and professionalism of Solidiance’s entire team, & particularly would like to thank Heiko for his excellent project management & valuable inputs. Thank you for the cooperation and we hope to continue the partnership we have built up so far.

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