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YCP Solidiance offers a wide range of consulting and market research services so that its clients can understand, enter and finally develop in Asia.

Our clients ask us to: carry out market studies, comparative and competitive studies, carry out customer surveys, launch new products, formulate entry and product positioning strategies, identify new opportunities as well as growth levers , seek partners, formulate new strategies and implement them.

We provide our clients with the strategic advice and information needed to grow, minimize risk and find strategic positioning suited to Asian markets.

Market Research / Segmentation in Asia
  • Market assesment
  • Industrial analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Management of distribution networks
  • Strategic business plan
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We determine the market size potential in targeted geographical locations, allowing your business to prioritize most attractive segments. Market sizing can be done at any level of geographic detail, from provinces, to cities, countries, products, channels, brands, etc.

Competitive Research in Asia
  • Competition analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Competitive strategy
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Through mapping and benchmarking of your Asia-based competition we reveal the advantages that the top contenders have. We uncover how they are leading their markets so that you can learn quickly, apply best -practices to your business, leverage their blindfolds and weaknesses, innovate and leapfrog your competition.

Market Entry Strategy in Asia
  • Market analysis and entry strategies
  • Price and product strategy
  • Detection and analysis of implantation sites
  • Alliances / Joint Ventures / M&A / franchise
  • Suppliers, and search for partners
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We are here to help clients grow their business in Asia, minimize risks, and find optimal strategic position in Asia’s exciting new market.

B2B Customer Research in Asia
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Profiling of key customers
  • Decision-making process
  • Development of new products and tests
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We help clients to better profile their customers. We uncover their real needs and wants, usage-attitude, purchase decisions towards your products and services, review their budgets and purchasing habits, analyze decision-making and decision-makers.

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YCP Solidiance’s vast network and enormous experience in India, benefited us in identifying some of the competent Institutes, which were not on our radar before. Being a huge country, it is not easy to locate such Institutes that may not be popular or generally well known but that may have specific competencies useful for our applications. YCP Solidiance truly served as a partner to link us with new academia in India, which has great potential for collaboration. I personally appreciate the dedication and professionalism of Solidiance’s entire team, & particularly would like to thank Heiko for his excellent project management & valuable inputs. Thank you for the cooperation and we hope to continue the partnership we have built up so far.

Essilor Asia
Asia Partnerships Manager, ITC Asia

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